ECO Council Update

The ECO Council have had their first meeting of the half term. Mrs Cottrell, the ECO co-ordinator gave an update on food waste and composting in school. Each class have now got new food recycling containers. The updated version of the ECO code was shown to all the council and each member took their ECO code back to class to display. Some of the older council members will be walking around the school to make sure the ECO codes are displayed in all areas.

Well done to sycamore and Willow ECO members, who are doing a fantastic job at going around each class and collecting their food waste and compost.

Mrs Cottrell spoke about how successful each class was in remembering to take bird seed on their sponsored walks to feed the birds.

Mr McMahon gave an update on a new project…the wormery. Very soon we hope to have two wormeries. One placed somewhere outside and a smaller wormery inside school. He also explained how a wormery works and why it would benefit the school to purchase them.

There is now a ECO suggestion box, which will be on the corridor for all classes to add ideas and the council will discuss at the their meetings.

All the council members are excited about a future projects, which will be the’Big Schools Birdwatch’ and adopting a WWF animal.  The ‘Big School Birdwatch’ will be taking place in January. Already the wildlife garden has more birds visiting due to the bird feeders that are in the garden. Well done to Ronan from Rowan class who refills the feeders with Mr McMahon every Monday and Willow Class who saved the seeds from the pumpkins they carved before the holidays. These seeds will be put out for the birds to eat.

The council members have also been asked to go back to their classes and come up with ideas of how we could raise money to adopt an animal from WWF and vote what type of animal we should adopt.